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Monday, August 10, 2020

Under The Sea Fun day

11am - 5pm


Amphitrite Goddess of the Sea invites you to join her in two fishy tales! Filled with underwater fun! Dance with crabs, sing with the mermaids and spar with the swordfish.

what treasures will we find in the deep?

But we had best beware, there is a sea witch in the second tale so we had better take care!

Of course Poseidon has ordered the underwater Olympics to take place too, so you know just what to do - join in too!

With the lobster limbo, the jelly  fish jiggle !!!


Thur 22nd August - under the sea fun day . Meet all your favourite characters to do with sea on this magical fun day and dress up as your favourite to win prizes. There will also be kiddies rides, stalls and refreshments open.